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Thomas J. King


Ventura, CA, US

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Love Letter


Thomas J. King

I am finding that writing a love letter to you has become a remarkable exercise in discipline; for my mind relentlessly wonders and reels with my thoughts of love for you.

The world has changed colors for me and I can only give credit to your radiant beauty and love, which you have so willingly shared with me, that has shined a new light on my existence. Though, my demons haunt me in their futile efforts to drag me back to self-protective isolation, I have found courage and solace in the unconditionality of your affections.

As I ache for your touch, I feel your presence coursing through my blood vessels to my wide open heart. When I look west into the night sky, I am in awe, thinking that perhaps my beloved is wishing upon the same stars on which I gaze.

Though, the cruel miles that separate us span my lonely soul like a emotional desert, desolate, leaving behind only empty holes of despair for which I look to fill, I know to the core of my being; your love is true and I shall endure.

You have taught me to love again. And for this I will be eternally grateful. For a heart that is not open to love can only hold fast to hopelessness.

I have loved before. I have felt the shallow pain of loneliness while desperately holding onto to something that was wrong. I live with no regrets. My life experiences have prepared me for the greatest adventure of love with you.

Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe that two souls could transcend time just to be reunited on this day?

I do

I will forever be in love with you.



Thomas J. King

Everyday is a struggle.
And the night are to long.
I feel to weak.
I want to be strong.

There is a person in my head
and he wants to be good.
Donít blame it on me
Because itís all my Childhood.

I want to let go
of my feelings from my past.
No matter how I try
I know their going to last.

Iím exhausted from the pain
that I carry around inside.
I want to run away
but, thereís nowhere left to hide.



Thomas J. King

When I talked to you the words came from my heart.
I let you see a place where nobody has been before.
I open up to you and you to me.
I donít think you could see the tracks from my tears that ran down my face.
This brought me to a place where I can go inside myself.

Angel Cake Foam


Thomas J. King

I wonder if we really ever forget feelings we have had. Sometimes feelings come up from my past and I feel the same. I want to go where my mind speaks to me and listen for the answers. When I am strolling down the pathways of my mind I see open doors. A rush of energy pulls me through one of them. I see a specter beckoning me to enter. They pulsate with the rhythm of my body which is the pulse of the earth. I fear I have given away my art. There is no time like now that I have to let it flow. Down an endless river of time. I can see rapids from this bridge in space. The water is high, deep and murky with angel cake foam.