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Tony Kin


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Time to Tell


Tony Kin

Time’s tale, with all to tell
Of the story of how silence fell
Lonely by will, but all is not well

Lying under the shadows,
Under the hills, over the meadows
For the picture passing the pills

Through the two windows view
Beauty beyond imagination free
Something special smiles with you
Oh I do wish it could be_

A figure from which,
The sweetest flower follows to grow.
Roses arow, little on show

Sapphire ethereal eyes,
Sown splendor from sequin skies.
Inter-lock implies? Gate guards rusted-tight

This blooming bright,
Awakes blinking butterflies to flight.
Another night, questioning what’s right

Border by brilliance,
Golden sunrise, radiant to these eyes.
Silence from the skies, and little lies

Shall I say, or walk away
Hold my own, stand and stay

Speak from the heart, before chance departs
With old truth anew friendship starts

Or my fail, to again show my tail
Back down my island a sail

A watch amongst beauties wrist
Times tale will tell of this

...dedicated to Karen Ellis