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Terry Kimbrell


Jasper, AL, US

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Midnight Reflections


Terry Kimbrell

The glow of my cigarette pierces the darkness,
As I sit in the cool solitude of midnight.
The sounds of the night drift about me in a haunting way.

I close my eyes and think of the past, the one that found my present.
Swirls of neon fill my mind with cryptic images;
I ponder the future and seek wisdom,
As unspoken thoughts come and go like waves from the sea.

The link is broken as the rushing of a bat flies by.
Is this the sound of an omen?
Or is it telling me in my blindness there is still a way to see.

I listen as other creatures of the night look for food,
As the glow of the cigarette burns low, I realize I am as they are,
Searching the darkness of midnight for food.
But my blinded hunger is not to feed the physical,
But the longing to fill the spiritual emptiness that aches from within.



Terry Kimbrell

The sun beams, you do not feel;
The moon shines, you do not see.
A baby cries, you do not care;
A child laughs, you do not hear.
A mothers love, the joy not felt;
A fathers pride, you turn and rebel.
The bride you've taken is taken for all;
Children born to relive your flaws.
You grow old to see the whole scene;
Life unknown, dreams undreamed.
The death angel comes; you say please wait!
This life you chose, now it's to late.

Shades Of Gray


Terry Kimbrell

Moving in shades of gray,
I look through the mirror of strife;
Past the reflection of my form,
Into places unseen in this life.

Words said are unknown to me;
A message heard but not understood.
Spoken in love never the less;
Recorded in my heart as such a message would.

Words embedded in my soul,
A feeling hard to convey.
Search and you can find,
And light the shades of gray.

I look in a mirror of new life,
Moving through cascades of light.
Now removed are the shades of gray,
With a spirit to face the darkest night.

To Sherri


Terry Kimbrell

Gentle the sound of hearts broken
Lips meet in comfort from the pain
The meeting of two in chance of repair
Dreams drifting in silent embrace

Love found to begin the mending
Darkness unfolds to morning light
Holding the softness of ones soul
Careful not to meet with sorrows past

What difference will this meeting be
Unsteady weakness is called to strength
Eyes look into a world of new hope
Caressing the beauty of love regained



Terry Kimbrell

The confinement is choking me,
As self-inflicted barriers surround me.
I look for escape as I feel my strength draining away.
My anger builds, my mind seeks the freedom I once knew.

I search for the man I was, free to roam in the light;
Unleashed power, immune from the ones who gained control,
But broken by those who desire power, to take and not return.
As this same power eats away at them as a cancer on there souls.

I think of this and their fate and my barriers begin to crumble;
My inner mind begins to roam freely again.
In a visionary state I begin a new journey,
As I lift others up from a wasteland the controllers left in their wake.

Believe in no man, follow the wisdom of your own heart.
This was a gift given to all from the beginning.
If you do this, a new world will unfold before you,
And barriers will imprison you no more.