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Kat Kimbrell


Fredericksburg, VA, US

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Kat Kimbrell

Sometimes I sit,
Or sleep.
Or crawl under my desk and tatoo my ankles with a soft feel bic pen
Or play BINGO with gossipy blue-haired old ladies in a smoke-filled
community center somewhere in Kentucky
Or safari through Africa in scratchy kahki with Dr. Livingston, I presume
Or perhaps I'll rocket into space and wax poetic with the man in the moon
over Raspberry-Mango Breakfast Tea, that's his favorite
Or find Great-grandfather in Olde Sicily and play "mafia princess" for a
Or have a word with Plato
Or Oswald
Or Niestzsche
Or Batman
Or Ginsberg
Or Jack
Or the Cat-in-the-Hat
Or Hitler
Or Rosenburg
Or my teacher, Miss Bishop, who'll wave a textbook full of pretty
pictures in my face and lecture and whine that I'm wasting

A quality Education