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Sherry Kidd


East Saint Louis, IL, US

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A Beautiful God


Sherry Kidd

Oh what a beautiful God
Beautiful blue oceans and streets paved with the purest
gold and the saints standing in heaven with their long
beautiful white robes covered in the blood of Jesus
I look afar there sits my mind a million miles away in the
depths of eternity to where a beautiful God will be
Touching his spirit is like looking through his eyes and
seeing his awesome glory the splendor of all his ways a
beautiful God is all that I can see

Treasure Chest


Sherry Kidd

There opens the door there sits the treasure chest not a
mere vessels of wood and metal and when you find the key
and unlock the treasure chest there sits a golden pillow
not just a pillow but what is in the midst of the pillow
is the great treasure our hearts and from our hearts to
your heart which is more valuable than diamonds,rubies,
and fancy cars and we will treasure you in our hearts
forever more which will last forever and ever