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Guru Kamal Khalsa


Los Angeles, CA, US

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The Challenge


Guru Kamal Khalsa

i step outside with a determined feeling of strength
stare up at my towering opponent in front of me
it is winter but my determination leads me on
i grab the first branch and pull myself up
climbing up, up spinning and twisting round each obstical
the thin blades of wind cutting my face
but never again shall these branches cloaked in leaves defeat me
it ia winter but my determination leads me on
i grab the branch that will make my journey complete
this is the hardest of my tasks but i am up
now as i sit on the final peak of my tree
i am able to SEE
i have moved my head but nothing was before me
i have opened my eyes but i could not see
NOW i am able to SEE

silence continium


Guru Kamal Khalsa

Clarence... how thee wanted to taste it
off the capture of the morning.
silence only brief
Until I lasted once more
bury my wants with silence
punish me with my guilt
leave me alone to absorb thee
Alone with my guilt
the scariest thing
abstract and colorless
until you salt yourself
until you be...
and Be again
And then we shall rise
And then we shall notice all of our faults along
with our pleasures
And then we shall laugh at our own
And then we shall fight for our
right guarenteed by the
Emancipation Proclamation
A proclamation for us
For all
For our sight
For our being
For you
For you... Clarence



Guru Kamal Khalsa

Who's going to help me shoot the sun out with an arrow
And who's going to help me fly the ship back to Roswell
And who's going to come with me to another galaxy
Cause I know some aliens that'll take us there for free

Who's going to help me light the field on fire
And who's going to stand there and burn for all the buyers
Who's going to collect the cash
And who's going to sweep the ash
While those aliens beem us aboard