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Jackson, MN, US

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John Keul Angie

Remember dating in Elementary School?
You were my girl & I felt real cool.
Remember Garfield on your Birthday?
We were in what, 3rd,4th,5th grade?
Remember "Dances With Wolves" on that rainy night?
We thought we were rebels, doing what wasn't right.
Remember the song "Wickedest Man Alive"?
I was taking our break up in stride.
Remember you and Tess fighting over me?
If I remember- you got hte victory.
Then there was a gap, we lost touch.
Even though I still cared for ya' very much.
You became someone that just didn't care.
If you needed help, I would've been there.
Remember a Worthington game on a Friday night?
I wanted you bad, but something wasn't right.
Remember all the times we cruised in the Linc.?
Or the night at my house you had too much to drink.
Remember the Homecoming of 1995?
You sent my emotions in overdrive.
Remember my hockey games, watching me in the cold?
I really appreciated that, If you've never been told.
Remember all our trips to the Black Hills?
Of all the crashes, you had the best spill.
Remember the late night in the hot tub?
I was pissed, you left me with a chub.
Remember how or relationship came to a quick stop?
I think about it, I think about it a lot.
I thought of you every single night.
Wondering what you were doing & if you were alright.
Remember our quick talks at the D-Q?
Those talks really made me miss you.
Remember our first talks this school year?
Why you wanted me agian, still isn't clear.
Remember the poems I wrote just for you?
Those are my feelings and my feelings are true!
Over the years our feelings have grown strong.
Maybe enough to last all life long?
I truely love a woman named Angie Sathe
Because Ang. you mean the world to me.
I Love You Babe.