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Daryl Kessler


San Jose, CA, US

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rain shower in the hills


Daryl Kessler


flowing curtains of rain
blow in the breeze
deluged with earthen odors
i taste these

the slap of the wind
upon my face
i tuck my cold head
and quicken my pace

miles to go
through mud drenched gray
i love the labor
i love the day


now - quieting sky
with fissured gray
from above - a thin shaft
of light - of day

scattered pools
in depressions lie
catch the falling colors
from the yawning sky

miles to go
through moist scented bay
i love the labor
i love the day



Daryl Kessler

she comes by morning
laying low
moving softly
whispering silently
she envelopes me
her coolness touching my face
she is everywhere
obscuring color
revealing form



Daryl Kessler

i awake to find the moon
peering through my window
at your alabaster body
sprawled upon the bed

the rise and ebb of your
midnight gentle breath
paints a slowly moving shadow
in the stillness of his light

we smile as we gaze
at your luscent flowing form
like a flower laid upon
the sheets in quiet slumber

taken by your beauty
he pulls a cloud across his face
and turns the other way
as he drifts across the sky