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John James Kerruish


Manchester, England, UK

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Speak Not Of The Sadness Of Blood


John James Kerruish

Speak not of the sadness of love
Nor of loves idle flame
Shipwrecks of men and lusts sharp rocks
The hearts gluttonous shame

Yearn not for the life love dares wound
Nor the echo it rings
The faint hand or fools dull tongue
and betrayal they bring

Oh Lady Mine


John James Kerruish

Oh lady mine
I am wild with love
that rests in earth
'Neath funeral stone

And led to mourn
This deepest of hearts
No skies shall sing
Nor meadow rejoice

The Ballad Of Mary Brooke


John James Kerruish

upon this wistful waters
Down by the weeping shore
cold winds recall the memory
of love that sings no more

The flowers black and wilting
did witness moments last
as a dagger drawn and lethal
made good its murderous task



John James Kerruish

The sex slides off the walls like shit.
I'm drying out this goddamn skin.
I've shot my nerves and burnt my brains.
Again, again, again, again.