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Jen Mae Kenyon


Saratoga Springs, NY, US

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Jen Mae Kenyon

Dimmer and dimmer the fire seems to die,
Bleed and Bleed, humanity shall cry.
When will we begin to grow?
Secrets kept we'll never know.
The darker the path, the greater the victory,
we'll never overcome, peace we'll never see.
I know it's sad, and lonely we hide,
but all goodness lurks deep inside.
Locked in tight and down the drain,
And they say we're all the same.
Let's close our eyes for our final sleep,
I now explode the pain too deep.



Jen Mae Kenyon

It's hate, not love that pushes me to go,
Darkness I see,
You it must be,
That dug into my veins,
Cursed my only name,
Show me how to fight,
Reach out to touch the light,
Taste the goodness of the fire,
Fill me up with desire.
Love me, you must take me high,
Now drop me, leave me to die.
It's my soul, not my pain, that pushes me to go.