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Jenny Mae Kenyon


Saratoga Springs, NY, US

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Jenny Mae Kenyon

There you stand no longer true,
Lifes lessons see me through.
Insane ways of knowing, Insane ways of growing.
Words in mind, Suicide at hand,
Taken away to another land.
Escape from life, Another breath,
I shall not call for death.

Sickness of reality, Hate of fear,
The end of light is so near.
Take a step back from the lie,
and feel the guilt in his young eyes.
Words in mind suicide at hand,
taken away to another land,
Escape from life, another breath,
Shall I now call for death?

Do they think or have a thought?
Only hate can be taught.
The pain in which I fear,
The pain in which I hold so dear.
Words in mind, Suicide at hand,
Please take me away to another land.
Escape from life, Another breath,
I now call for death.



Jenny Mae Kenyon

The break in time, I understood.
I laughed at mankind, Me, you, everyone.
I cried for you, I cried for me.
It's pleasure, it's pain. It's love, confusion.
All these words, undescribable.
All the misunderstood is actually there.
It'll get to you, through to me.
Blend in with the surroundings,
Leave with the indifference,
Bleed through your soul,
Cry in the dark,
Twist the thoughts,
Make it seem,
Know the truth,
Open your eyes,



Jenny Mae Kenyon

These words I say,
The role I play,
don,t matter to you at the end of the day.

Standing up tall,
Just to fall,
I sacrificed my childhood for you.

It's something I gave,
Na, fuck that
It's something you stole.
Left me here to bleed and die,
Abandoned me, lonely starting to cry.

Waiting now for the pain to cease,
Waiting now to be at ease.

Use me, abuse me, the only way I know,
Confuse me, I lose me,
Now where do I go?

But I look into the green
and see inside.
The only one for me to confide.

A spark of hope lit my dark way,
maybe a chance to make it through the day.
You saved me from a world,
Of darkness and hatred,
To show me that someone can love me.

Your all that I love,
and all that I pray for.
I want to be that and more.

I need you again,
Save me again,
Return my love,the very same way.
Wait, Wait,
Your holding back, don't want me to see.
But guess what baby, I see when you say,
And guess what you said yesterday.
That you could be that way, all loving and cheesy,
What is it? Do you not want to please me?
Here I come again, a mental wreck,
Here I come again, save me.
Just like before.
Except now I want you to save me from myself.
I use me, I abuse me, The only way I know.
I confuse me, I lose me, Now where do I go?



Jenny Mae Kenyon

A dark shadow feel over me at the age of five,
When I was so young and so alive.
He came into my life in the place of a father,
Fate said look twice but why should she bother?
She wanted love and happiness all for her own,
Leaving my sister and I all alone.
But the cost we paid was more than our share,
He stole our innocence but why should she care?
Using his strength and power against me,
I thought it was normal the way it should be.
The physical and mental pain he scarred us with,
Then took away our will to live.
Expecting so much from two small childeren,
He grabs her hair I should've killed him.
Shoving her face into the ground,
she screams but no ones around.
Drags her over and shoves her to the wall,
never before has she looked so small.
Her beautiful face is stained with tears,
I want so bad to soothe her fears.
He leaves the room to catch his breath,
leaves us there to wish for death.
Now we can feel him coming nearor,
Screams of pain, are now of terror.
He slams the door hard behind him,
His eyes are dark and his face is grim.
"Stop it don't hurt her" I start to scream,
God Please, Wake us from this horrible dream.
Then when he is done with that one child,
He turns to me and I go wild.
Now it's my turn to feel that pain,
All because your fucking insane.
Altough that was over ten years ago,
The reasons I guess I will never know.
This went on for quite some years,
Now I still have those fears.
What will happen if I piss a man off,
Or how many beers will it take for
a man to want to beat me again.
But, I am scared and no longer alive,
Since a dark shadow feel over me at the age of five.



Jenny Mae Kenyon

Time stood still,
Truth Decayed
Our whole existance is overplayed.
Power imprisoned, Faith worn thin,
Confusion of where to begin.
Past is gone, I look ahead,
Years catch up,
Innocence is dead.
Lost in hell, captured by fate,
Eleventh hour has come too late.
People change
My body's burned
Lot's to say
When nothings learned.
Profound feeling a new love found,
Yet I 'm clostrophobic when your around.
Left by you, To be found by me,
Taught by the blind, How to see.
Reach my fate whatever comes,
Be the eyes all is blind.
Breathed again, Inhaled the high,
Pass the truth to love the lie.
He came again and landed here,
all I have is all that I fear.

Black Out


Jenny Mae Kenyon

It wasnt you who came to me,
Who called me a whore,
Threw me towards the door.
It wasnt you who came to me,
Told me the love was dead,
wouldn't let me sleep in my own bed.
The cold stone look in your eyes.