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Cindy Kent


Australia, NSW, Australia

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Cindy Kent

The day I was born,
All screaming and loud
You help me close,
And had feelings of proud

My first day of school,
I was just five,
I was terrified to leave you
We both hugged and cried

On the day I turned ten
You held me near
And said "your growing so fast"
"Soon your teens will be here"

When my eighteenth came round,
With a tear in your eye,
You were worried Id leave home,
You were dreading goodbye

I remember one time,
I was feeling quite down
One phone call to you,
And you rushed round

You comforted me,
In a time of need,
Your so full of love,
Not an ounce of greed

At the birth of my son,
It was you that was there,
Soothing my pain,
That was so hard to bare

Ive given up my time,
To be with you now
I want to repay you
Give it back, some how

Your health is now fading,
Your heart is quite weak,
Your mind is still strong,
Your outlook is bleak

I want you to know,
Im here till the end
To comfort and love you,
And just be a friend

I bath you and feed you,
And massage your aches,
Trips to the doctor,
Whatever it takes

As I lay the flowers
Upon your grave,
The tears flow freely
The memories Ill save

In my days ahead,
Ill strive to be,
As good of a mother,
As you were to me.



Cindy Kent

My grandad is old,
Hes frail and thin
Has grey hair on his head
And whiskers on his chin

He uses a walker,
To help him walk
You need to shout,
When you want to talk

He often complains,
About his aches and pains
Quite often he forgets
Places and names

His face is wrinkled
Hes clothes are all old,
"In my day this" and "In my day that",
often Im told

I sit with him,
And let him chat
He reminisces,
About being an ex-pat

How his mates lived,
And died in the war
What they went through,
What they fought for

How we should be thankful,
To be able and free
They fought for freedom,
For you and for me

All year round


Cindy Kent

I love to swim in the ocean,
In the morning sun,
The rays warming my body,
Summer is so much fun.

I love to paddle across the river,
In the teaming rain,
Winter is so refreshing,
Its nice and cool again.

I love to play in the garden,
On an autumn day,
The leaves falling from the trees,
And swiftly blowing away.

I love to run through the meadow,
When the flowers are in full bloom,
Springtime is so beautiful,
Must it end so soon?

So, whatever season
it happens to be,
Get out and grasp it with both hands,
And enjoy life , like me.