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Marc Kent


Merritt Island, FL, US

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Canvas Wall


Marc Kent

We're all just figures painted on canvas wall,
Everybody's just a puzzle waiting to be solved,
Colors detailing your inspirations,
Pieces combined to form your education.

Look past the image of your obsession,
Hear the sounds of your reflection,
Taste the world with a tangy twist,
Feel an emotion you will never miss,
Ask to be saved and hope it turns out all right,
Scorn each other for something you did,
See the same thing everyday in the hall,
Free your opinion and break the canvas wall.

Tired of waiting just to know it all,
Coming together to start a brand-new cause,
No real direction to help break our fall,
We're all just figures painted on a canvas wall.

New minded soldiers come outside to play,
All of them thinking they're going to save the day,
One-minded figures with no fears at all,
We're all just figures painted on a canvas wall.

Forget the image of your obsession,
Ignore the simple sounds of reflection,
Enjoy your life with a new tangy twist,
Find the one emotion you'll never miss,
Fight to be saved and it'll be all right,
Don't scorn each other for what you did,
Stop looking at the same thing in the hall,
You mind is the only thing that can break the wall.

This is the chance of you entire life,
Even love has its sacrifice,
Don't just sit around and wait for your call,
You don't have to be a picture on the canvas wall.

And when you're released and start to fall,
Fall on the floor break the tile,
Make your new life one that's worthwhile,
What was the thinking behind this canvas wall?

Melody Two


Marc Kent

Wasted a night; finding words that seemed right,
Used up most my time; with rhythm and rhyme,
To come up with a fairly decent melody,
Just another useless melody, this is my melody about life...

Look at the world in a glimpse; see the lack on common sense,
We're all in a room that's locked; our best friend is the clock,
Peeling away time, turn thoughts sublime,
Earth is too hard, frozen and charred,
Our backs to the wall; it helps break our fall,
Destroy or create; one's a mistake,
Cancelled the war; what was it meant for,
The world's not a perfect place; more like a disgrace,
Look at the girls; then at the world,
Radiate through the flesh; let ideas mesh,
Light getting bright; dimmed by the spite,
We all started out right, but ran out of light,
Suppressed by the crime; just another sign,
It's all just a ploy, pollution and noise,
Listen to sounds; emotion surrounds,
System starts to distort; plug it with corks,
Unlock the chest; break through the crest,
The world at a glance; act out of chance,
Crack in the rock; it just can't be stopped,
Jewels on the shore; never seen by the poor,
Try to stay warm, chilled by the storm,
Born to be raised, raised in a haze,
Try to forget; memories aren't legit,
We're all caught in a rut; feel stupid and stuck,
It's hard to believe; that we're all just seeds,
Planted and grown in a day; then we just fade away,
Reality breaks just like glass; time will just pass,
And things get easier to talk about; all you got to do is scream and shout...

Life's a distorted chord, play it too much and never get bored,
Enough about the life, what about what happens after you die...

Look straight at death; show it your best,
Just remember the sounds, right side up or upside down,
Don't lose your sight; walk straight to the light,
Open your eyes; listen to cries,
Take problems too far; we are who we are,
Did she means what she said; after waking in bed,
Is the truth what you want; lies can be launched,
Swear on my grave; that I'll be saved,
Swear on my soul; let happiness roll,
The same useless games; it all ends the same,
Thinking of things, thoughts get re-arranged,
Making your hardest decision; to keep or lose your religion,
When the time comes; answers will seem numb,
Opinions are flat; if bent they'll just curve back,
I have failed to see; what life means to me,
Sick of the crap; set up a trap,
Meet the maker we've all heard about, suddenly lose all your doubts,
A dead man can see; that nobody agrees,
Cover ups were saved; for a new rainy day,
Pulled out by the reel; to outlined the unreal,
Burnt by the fire; that's your heart's desire,
God says to forgive; that's why we all live,
If you don't understand, you should devise a plan,
This place can be cruel; it's not what you're used to,
Take some advice or just a hint; don't give up and don't relent,
Caught by the net; found a new threat,
Just make the most of you time; hope where you end up is a place you don't mind,
And things get easier to dream; this is a song to be kind not mean...

Death is impossible to delay; that's all I wanted to say,
Enough about death; what about the rest?

Wasting your time, the message becomes sublime,
Treat people with respect; that's your best bet,
Don't give in to the flukes; remember your roots,
Stay on the right track; never look back,
And new points of view come in to play; don't bother finding words to say...

Hope you all learned; got new concerns,
Don't become a fool; remember the rules,
A song called Melody two; did it look red or blue,
And things get easier to express; so just breathe and confess.

Melody One


Marc Kent

Wasted a day; finding things to say,
Used up most my life; with patience and sacrifice,
To come up with a half-decent melody,
Just another drive-by melody, this is my melody about me...

Woke up again; confusion sets in,
Forgetting the past, things never last,
How was I supposed to know; that my life's just a show,
I should have known; but I'm not alone,
Now and again, I turn to my friends,
Challenging them to contests that I'll never win,
I try not to sell out; try to ignore my doubts,
But my name is lame; it'll never lead me to fame,
My instincts are keen; but I don't cause a big scene,
My talents are weak; just call me a freak,
My thoughts can't be bent; I can't relent,
I'm not a fool; I'm still in school,
Pale to the skin; colored thoughts never win,
Tell me again; that I'll never win,
Sit in the cold; just growing old,
Life stays the same; cruel and mundane,
The power of mind; stronger then time,
Thoughts getting old; emotions getting cold,
Remember what I've missed; life doesn't get better then this,
I live by the spot; like or not,
Start praying to God; but crying too hard,
Ride alone in the dark; love's lost its spark,
Drilled to the floor; excused and ignored,
My opinions are all that I have; so true yet so sad,
Boredom is too real; it's just how I feel,
Bad days come and go, learned to just take it slow,
Been thinking all day; not sure what I'm trying to say,
And things just get easier to lie about, now that you've heard my doubts...

Words get more real everyday; that's all I wanted to say,
That's enough about me, what about you...

Well you're just too bold; never do what you're told,
You challenge and resist; straighten and twist,
Immune to disease; do as you please,
Take on the world; forget what you're fighting for,
Set out to do, what you wanted to,
Push your limits too far; find out who you are,
Had to censor your voice, but had no choice,
Run the extra mile; make life seem worthwhile,
Wearing your gold; fragile and old,
Stare at a glare; no signs of care,
Try not to blink; your ego will sink,
Scared to believe; you've been deceived,
Hope you can win; try not to sin,
Chance comes and goes; ambition just grows,
Copy your eyes; see the surprise,
Soul's looking gray; stand back amazed,
Stay on your feet; block out defeat,
Repeat what you were; seen but not heard,
Take it all back; pick up the slack,
Violence surrounds; but you never fell down,
Out on the road; finding your goal,
Stop worrying about yourself; think about somebody else,
You only know what's expected; your thoughts are rejected,
Loaded the lead; kicked in the head,
Stop acting so strange; causes confusion and pain.
Sky should be blue; looks red to you,
Taking your stand; just another gain of sand,
And things just get easier to do; you don't tolerate ridicule...

You get more confusing everyday, that's all I wanted to say,
Enough about you, what about me too?

Just two different lives; stranded and blind,
No point of return; but our insides still burn,
They break the force of ignorant choice,
Fight till they win; fight till the end,
And the days just pass them by; sometimes they wonder why they should try...

Hope we've all learned; what are your concerns,
We've all been fooled; what should we do,
If you like Melody One; try Melody Two,
And things get easier to write about; so just let it out.

The Greatest


Marc Kent

And the day came, came as fast as light.

This was my trial to the world,
To myself.

Lost it all, lost it all,
What was there to lose.

I was here for the world,
I was here for myself,
Like a flash I didn't remember,
What was I supposed to remember,
What did I have to lose, what did I lose,
The day was fading away from me.

Oh lord no, no,
It's the greatest, he's the greatest,
I have nothing for myself,
So I go away now,
Leave it to the greatest, the greatest,
They lie, the hate me, they love, they deceive me,
He's the greatest; he's the greatest.

It's over, this life is over,
It's all so unjust and wrong,
So I just fade, fade away.

But then the light shines again,
It shines and I refuse to give in,
This is all I have, myself is all I have,
I can't let him win; I can't lose this fight,
I take a stand and wage my battle with it, with the greatest,
We are two obstacles in each other's way,
The day has been spent, the winner stands.

And the moon shines onto me,
I lost it all again, but I'm alive,
He's the greatest; he's the greatest,
Lord help me, I'm living,
Only took what he was giving,
From me there was only receiving,
I lost it, but I have been forgiven,
So I'm not helpless, I'm a winner,
This time has saved me.

From the greatest, oh the greatest,
Yes, oh yes,
I have been saved by the greatest,
Lord thank you; he's the greatest,
So modest, so comforting, so understanding,
Without him I would not be standing,
But he's the greatest, yes, oh yes,
The greatest.