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Jean Kennedy


Albuquerque, NM, US

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Jean Kennedy

Speak not to me of beauty,
Of doves with silver wings
Of shimmering Atlanteans
Or glories of the spring
My love for thee is all to great
To speak of mortal things
I shield mine eyes from angels
And from saints with golden lyres
A greater joy than thine
Not even heaven could inspire
The sunset doth burn brighter
And the starlight fade away--
The light your love's brought me
Has made the darkness wait at bay.
Mortal men may envy us,
And heaven's splendor stayed
But that I be with thee,
All existence wash away.
For Shakespeare never uttered words
Of beauty matching thine-
I am intoxicated in the rhythm of your body’s line.
Rested softly in your arms,
I watched my life flash by,
And died there, in Perfection so entrancingly defined.

Moving On


Jean Kennedy

All our dreams that were forgotten
All forsaken revries
Purpose, passion, prayer verbotten
Hushed away in memories

Wait confused, in all of us,
Filtered by the "Light"
A misplaced hope, a rusted key
Now keeps me from my Sight.

The innocence of wisdom lost,
Our blindness isolates.
The knowledge of my heart's forgone--
A mind's left in her place.

The blood ticks through my veins;
I fear the clock has broken free,
And priests surround, in holy shrouds,
And exorcise my fantasies.

We all have seen the sun rise
In response to moonlight's fall--
We all have chased the empty forms
Of shadows on the wall.

Forgotten dreams become in time
The Dream, after the dream is gone,
And seeking that, we always find
What keeps us moving on.