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Ashley Kennedy


Norfolk, VA, US

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Seasonal Mother


Ashley Kennedy

The mother of all mothers is the Seasonal Mother.
She shines like radiance in the Summer sun.
Her eyes glow like diamonds, while her hair is glistening as she lay at the beach in the warm Summer sand.
Her eyes show a glimmer of that sweet Summer light.
She shows a vague perception that no other mother has except for the Seasonal Mother.
Her hair shines golden like the sunset during the Fall.
While the leaves surround the warmth of this mother, her hair droops over her scarfed back as if bowing.
As leaves fall from the multi-colored sky, she moves as the wind with love and kindness.
Then as the weather changes to Winter, she sits in the house as her eyes twinkle by the fireplace.
Rapped in a warm blanket she is soon asleep.
As you look at her though not dressed in her best dress she has a peace about her and she looks radiant.
Now it is Spring, as the rain trickles on the roof she sits reading a book as the breeze through the windows blows her hair back.
As her face seeps through the ocean of dreams her children look ar her and hope to be at least half of what their mother is.
They dream about being the Seasonal Mother.
I Love You Mom!