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Irvine, Scotland, UK

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The War Child



They hide and shelter fom the bomb
The war child has no mum
They live their lives in continuous fear
Their eyes filled up with their tears

The war child has no where to turn
They dodge the bullet and watch buildings burn
Every death brings a sigh
They wonder why people must die

Their too young to really know
How human beings can stoop so low
But maybe soon the fighting will end
And once again he'll have a friend

But until it happens let us pray
That the war child lives another day

What Is A Poem



A poem is described as a rhyme
That tells of feelings
Those donít fade with time
It describes the love between two others
They maybe family
They maybe lovers

It tells of life
From day to day
It helps to take any pain away
It makes you heart both warm and glow
Thatís what a poem is,
Donít you know