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Christine Kempster


Watford, England, UK

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Faerie Stories for the Big Boys and Girls


Christine Kempster

Dinner dinner on the wall
Who's the wackiest of them all
Little Bo Peep why do you weep
As you sit in the corner seat
I see your fingers in the pie so might I enquire why?

The blinded mice have met
The widow down the lane
And ended in Mother Hubbard's cupboard
Food for her poor wee scraggy dog
We don't want him to starve

Grandmother ate the wolf
And Red Riding Hood flaunts a new fur coat
The three fat porkers are safe for a while
Hidden by the mulberry bushes that is
Until winter strips the leaves away

Oranges and lemons
All the bells of London Town
Waiver at the sound of giant
Big Ben in his high stone tower
London's bridges crumble in the waters wake

Cockles and winkles make a pretty show
Mermaids drying in a row
Silver bullets guard against the wolf at full moon
And long golden hair hides her shame
While the bells on her toes tinkle her fame

Faerie Stories for the young
Better ones yet are still to come
As you get older the ugly duckling looks good
You can keep the swan
The old bag you're chained to was once the Princess Royal

It's all make believe
And just as well if you can see
Ghoulies and Ghosties
Ogres and Fiends
Nothing very nice when you want to sleep

The end