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Amanda Kelts


Millarville, AL, CA

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Amanda Kelts

Tomorrow is like a tunnel or just a long, long hall.
Never has an end, just goes on for us all.
We never understand it, and sometimes really fear,
for Tomorrow is just a day away, but never really here!



Amanda Kelts

The tears rolled
down her face,
faster and faster,
so I thought that
she would drowned in
her own sorrow.

As I saw her cry
herself into a deep
hole, my own tears
broke loss.

We cried, and
cried, until
our bodies heaved,
and we fell into
a deep sleep of

But when we awoke,
the cloud that had
overwhelmed us.
Had drifted away
with the wind,
and then we could smile!

The 11 day


Amanda Kelts

I wasn't there when first man died, or the first bomb hit.
I wasn't there when the blood was shed, or when the men
fell. I wasn't there when there was such a reason to die for
your country, and I was not there when they came home.
Faces hardened by war, satisfied in victory.
Though I wasn't there I am proud. And though I wasn't there
I will stand on the 11 hour, of the 11 day, of the 11
month. For the men who died!



Amanda Kelts

The wind blew the color of the sky around the green leaf tree,
and the sounds of the forest into the ears of the corn field.
The husks held the secrets of the world and only told them to the ones who where;
Confident enough to ask,
Quit enough to listen,
Kind enough to care,
Strong enough to handle, and
Wise enough to understand.
But then the wind stopped, and the color fell to the awaiting ground. The sounds stopped being heard, and the green leaf tree was bare.
And so the world must wait until the wind blows again to see the color of the sky, and hear the secrets of the world. Until



Amanda Kelts

She stands there.

Staring into the clear black air.

She sees nothing.

She feels nothing.

No longer listening to them calling her name.

Needing to abandon everything.

Recollection of bad memories is all she can remember.

She once felt too much.

Her heart pounding with so much love to give.

Her heart receiving so much pain.

Fearing no way out.

She visions the future.

And blood is all she sees.

And the only thing left.

Is her body.

Standing there.

Staring into the clear black air.