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Barbara Kelsey


Petersfiled, England, UK

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Barbara Kelsey

Here is where my life
slipped through
the cold night's covers -
turning black over black
folding the moon with dark petals.
Rain melted into the
sea's furrow's -
water on water
riding easily across the bay
silvered by moving shadows-
The stars came and went
dangling their light into the
mist's transparency.
The shores had lain deserted-
the long sleep unsuffering came,
with the same dreams making their
own shades of sadness.



Barbara Kelsey

He said I want to steal your smile
take it with me to Barbados
and on oceanic day's
I can call on it
to make music in my bones
and see it dance LOLITA naked on the sea,
where the mist softens above
the parting waves.
He said I want to steal your heart
and press it close
so close to mine
that on days of ogre blackness
I can watch it grow a coral red
and learn to paint my dreams again.