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Colby, KS, US

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The things I say and do can never amount up to you. You are to good for me and u always will be. The thoughts of me losing you are scarce but at the same time so good. Because of knowing that I will lose you knowing that you will be with someone that can love you 10 times more 10 times better. That dont cheat on you,hurts you so bad its like killing you. Sometimes I wonder were would you be with out me but at the same time I wonder were would I be with out YOU. But the real quistion is, is do we really love each other. We say we do but it is true. Can two teens that are freshman feel and act the same way we do. Alot of people say no that is not possible cause no one knows what love is well if no one knows then how can people live so happily with the ones the love and be togather with them until they die. Well do we know what love is have we mastered love. Can we show people what true love is. If not well what can we do end up married for two years and divorc!
e the next. Hon I want to do this I want to do it so bad cause the thought of losing you just kills me.