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Juliet Kelly


Warwick, UK

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Another Night


Juliet Kelly

Keats got it right, though not in Berkeley Square;
In fact I've never heard one; even there.
Anyhow, immortal bards, or even birds
Are not the point; it's something in his words.

Well saline does give lustre to the eyes!
The thing it seems, just there, away it flies
Or falls apart. It's still a source of sorrow
That nothing seems to last beyond tomorrow.

They should have said it's uphill, from the start
And love is what we get for being smart.
Oh and life, I'm told, is anti-entropy,
Hooray! Because it's all too much for me.



Juliet Kelly

All those warm and misty mornings.
While we waited in the hall,
I would gaze beyond the window,
And watch the guti gently fall.

I envied those outside their freedom,
But they had business in the town,
Drifting by outside the window,
As the guti sifted down.

If we ever had our freedom,
It long since dried up with the rain.
In Africa, they may be lucky
To ever see it come again.

Here my life is cold and misty,
All the leaves are wet and brown,
While I look through some distant window,
To watch the guti falling down.