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Jeanette Kellum


Brooklet, GA, US

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Ode to my Father


Jeanette Kellum


The day he left
was the saddest of my life.
He was the only one I truly loved.
When I knew he was gone,
I vowed never to love anyone the same way again.
To the day of my death, I will never.

She remarried and forgot.
Forgetting was the easiest way for her,
but most painful for everyone around her.
She tried to make people see it her way,
but they could not.

As for me, I still have unfinished business.
I will never love her new mate,
and will never forget, as she did.


She tried to destroy my life.
She failed at her attempts.
I, too strong-willed and determined
to keep my sanity, resisted her temptations.

It was the same for years,
forging "I love you's" to my family.
I will never love anyone the same again.

To my friends,
I was a new and very different person.
My heart had been stolen,
taken back by half of its creation.
I will never love anyone the same again.

My love was unending,
I had plenty to give.
Now, I seek someone to love me,
the way I have never been loved since that day.

For that day marked the end,
the end of a chapter in my life.
I had lost the love
I knew I would never encounter again.