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Julie D. Kelley


Huntsville, TX, US

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Teenagers: 3 wishes


Julie D. Kelley

1. Make me beautiful,
Make me sweet.
I want to move to a different beat.

Just like her on the magazine.
Not fat, not thin, just in between.

With hair that shines in stellar light,
that makes him want to hold me tight.

I'd be the star of any occasion.
The best of the female persuasion.

The men would all stand and stare.
The women would just whisper and glare.

But what is life without any friends?
There has to be more to it than men...

2. Make me ordinary,
Make me average.
Just a husband and some kids.

That's all I want in life you see...
That's all I want is to be me.

3. A million dollars $$$$$$$

Mother of L.B.W.


Julie D. Kelley

Within my cell I try to see what kind of hell I've made for me.

My vision blurs through salty tears, the product of forgotten years.

Why do I try? What makes me think, that I can make it go away with drugs and a drink?



Julie D. Kelley

Can't seem to get things sorted out, I'm always so confused.

I think about what's happening around me and start to get the blues.

One day I'm a nobody invisible to the eye, the next I am a princess so happy I could fly.

But what goes up must come down.

I start to feel just like a clown.

My lifes a mess, I must confess, I'm so depressed, Complete distress, Couldn't care less, I do my best, To complete my quest, Can't get any rest, They'd expect no less.