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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Who Cares



Who cares
If two mares
Fly up in the air
And a horse sits on a stair
And always stares

Hale and Healthy



If you want to be hale and healthy
Must eat well with lots of these:
So goes the list.
And always remember
Healthy food makes a healthy body
Don't eat these;they make me ill:
Junk food,stale food,rotten food
So goes the list.
If you follow these golden rules
You can be hale and healthy
And always remember Health is Wealth.

Up I go on a Bus: A Five year-old's song



Going on a bus -
The best thing I like to do
With the wind ruffling my hair
Here I go, Hurray!
The odd passers by
The little shops with wierd names
All very interesting for a little girl of five
I feel like a friend of the trees
Who are giants when I'm on my feet
Hip,Hip Hurray! I'm taller than the buildings
That usually tower over me
I feel they must have a feel of being short and puny too
But I'm sad to get down at the bus stop
To leave behind the lovely feel
But tomorrow I'll go again
Up I climb and off I go!
Hip, Hip, Hurray!

Live and Let Live



From a tiny egg I hatched
just when Bunny Bee came in
He had a box filled with nectar
which made my mouth water
I drank it fast for
I did not want my friends to drink it all

As soon as bunny left we played and played
Oh! what fun we had ;
In the afternoon Bunny came again
He lifted every one of us
to the top most cell.

Where it was warm and cosy
There, he fed us nectar
But it was limited i regret ;
We played for some time there
and when darkness fell,
We drifted to bed,

Ten days passed in this manner
and we became cleaners.
We were called by Mrs Queen Bee
she gave us names
I was "Bliss Bee" now
She also explained our duties.

We started our duties
Oh! how exiting it was,
Two days passed soon
and we were promoted to guard
Oh! how much valour I had
to stand in the entrance of a great hive.

There soon came a day when
we had to cool the hive by flapping our wings;
Two weeks passed by,
And we were now promoted to collect nectar
It was spectacular to visit flowers
But, bliss lasted only for nine days.

On my 21st day.
A disaster occurred
When I was making honey...
Smoke raised up to me
I choked and choked
Until I lost my balance.

And fell into a burning fire
Oh ! how hot it is
Was my last thought
As I was fried black
and soon I knew I had left the earth
And most importantly, the best of my friends.

So Humans, Remember that all
of us have a place in Earth
Do not kill us for our honey
Rather harvest honey in special boxes
For the rule of the life is to
Live and Let live.