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Scott Keener


Fairmont, WV, US

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Scott Keener

As I sit here in the shade.
I watch what I have just seen fade.
There always comes a time,
when good things must end.
There is never enough time,
to spend with a friend.
The moments have gone,
just as they came.
It seems like such a horrible shame.
The time his proceeded into the past,
but the memories will always last.



Scott Keener

It was a neutral game,
And it was my turn to reign.
I thoughy wittingly and struck.
We both wished for good luck.

I thought and moved once more.
He reacted in a manner very poor.
I took advantage of his mistake,
And succeeded with a "checkmate".

Pen" Personificatio


Scott Keener

Dancing ever so peerless.
Even as if it were fearless.
Conductor of thoughts,
Of diverse expression.

Sculpting with each motion.
As if the tide of an ocean.
Conspiring imagination,
With mere navigation.

Sleek and nimble,
It gives emotion a symbol,
Permits thought to extent,
And remain until the end.

Fabricated with brillance,
And utilized by millions.
Recording thoughts from me,
Displaying them for all to see.

An Eerie Glance


Scott Keener

From a far away place,
I peer at you from a distance,
With ever such a curious glance.

What could you possibly be doing,
At this late hour.
Time stands still,
As I watch you tentatively from the tower.

I see you pace back and forth,
In an anxious strut.
You look as if you are hiding something,
Back in your small hut.

Only can we imagine,
What you are doing.
A peculiar act you do perform.
I stare as many quaint thoughts form.