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Jennifer Keel


Howell, NJ, US

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The Fat Buddha Man Ate My Religion


Jennifer Keel

wise sage
crazy fat faced little man
sez to me
"God Barbara
praying is for fools
and this is the last of the poundcake"
I wrote it down.
AS HE STUFFED his face with yellow
sponge that
would last for ages
on my mind as he looked up
squeezing his eyes
to include me in a crazy whacked out
ethereal vision
munching away on dumb symbolic
that would invade my brain for weeks.

August 22


Jennifer Keel

Pummeling to the other side
of plastic cutting
boards and
olive green ponchos.
let's slick our hands
on the glass
and sink to the shag carpet
slouch towards the disarranged boards
of the grey back porch and
absent rocker.
enjoy our prearranged
grasshoppers soundtrack
rural setback.

Settle down
against drips of a comfortable rain
a slight falling
of us
curving into
the grooves.