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Fallen Angel



You fall down from heaven,
Bleeding and broken,
Your wings are black,
You hit the ground alive.

I run to you,
I hold you,
But you get out of my arms,
And walk away.

You limp away,
My heart feels broken,
I cry blood.

I run to you,
And hold you tight,
I whisper,
And whimper,
At the same time.

I say:
"Forgive me,
For a fool is a fool and that is all i am,
Yet this fool loves you."

You stare into my eyes,
Yours are dark blue,
Your hair is brown,
You are deeply pained.

I speak again:
"My soul and heart are yours forever,
No matter what you may say,
For a heart is a heart and my love is yours."

You cry with me,
We hold each other,
This is the time,
Of our love forever.

Your wings disappear,
You’re like me now,
We kiss for eternity and some more,
Our love is forever.

You are my fallen angel,
And I am your cleric.