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Ron Kaye


Dunedin, Otago, NZ

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Redundancy Day


Ron Kaye

It matters not;
The next loud hailing traveller appears
To pipe the tune to which you had to dance,
As paling into insignificance
Revolving figures in your head, sincere,
Are turned to rot.

Do not command
The day; your waking thoughts, your dreams
Which to you once were food and drink
Lie teetering, brought unto the brink,
All weekly plans, all longed for monthly schemes
Exposed as sand.

Upon the bleed
No tourniquet, no pressure stems the flow
That from you drains, one day is just
As others, all have broke their trust,
And from an age, an emptiness ago
A voiceless plead.

Unhearing words
Unsensed, as stun and shock upon the soul
Revolves unmindful and unheeded,
As heaped upon a heap, no longer needed
Congealing hope floats by, a shallow shoal
As viscous curds.

Safe Hidden


Ron Kaye

In arms of love unfolded
Stampeding dreads lie undisturbed,
Beyond the hands that scolded
Shame unseen lies camouflaged,
Secure in bedsheets folded
Fearful night-time fears are curbed,
Within a friendship shouldered
Retributions scorn ungouged -
Each shielded sanctum moulded.



Ron Kaye

All is calm, and blissfulness, and peace,
The evening thrushes sweet with song
Do quell and ease the harassed heart, and fleece
Away the heaviness of day. Ere long
The still grey light lies hovering twixt
Setting sun and blackness of night's dark.
Undecided where or when to blow, the unsure
Busy rushing wind of day lies stilled
And all is mute in indecision's mark;
The heavy musk of evening green gives out it's pour
To sweeten for another sense-filled day,
All life is hushed for sleep. No more
The midge's hum; the bee's loud buzzing drone stay
Soundless with the noiseless evening air,
The earth breathes back all life it ebbed away
And acquiesces to the stilling hand that calmes it's care

Leith Water


Ron Kaye

Elevated silver peaks
Silent apparitions swirl
Uncloaked where venal silver leaks
Above the delta's dimming curl,
To trace a puckered face
And rain, untrammeled
Over knot and burl.

From silver tor and clouded race,
From every high born gorse and broom
Come trickled mutterings to trace
Where congregated driplets gloom,
Fecund as silent spawn
Amid the delta
Colourful in plume.

Soughing over pebbled stone
A murmured move, a whiffing peel,
Quickens in the misted tone
Of morning rivulets that feel
With snakelike silver tongues
In search of pathways
Miniscule to steal.

Happy chatterers embrace
To gather in the drizzled mist,
As weaving in an infant chase
Brook and raining mizzle kiss
In bold conspiritorial race
Speed headlong
In a romping chase.



Ron Kaye

The winds of time did draw you from Earth deeply held,
So clawing forth, you stretched to reach the sky,
And swirling ever upward did with others meld,
Away from sucking molten seas did fly.

Fair winds, and lighter breezes caused you quickly rise
Encompassing with others of your race,
As churning, mass on mass you grew to greater size,
In readiness to drive you on apace.

Like thunderous hordes, your army grew and grew in strength,
Determining your worth in size and means;
Within you held the birth of life anew in length,
Show movement forward, all your force careens.

'Twas natures way affirmed your gender and gave call,
Resplendent Cumulus, in billows white align,
Or Cirrus gay, a sporty lambs wool mantle fall,
A topping, feather-like, as to some grand design.

The winds of time did draw you from Earth deeply held,
And onward, ever onward will you form anew,
A dazzling masterpiece, a marvellous roof upheld,
Bedecked with blue of sky, a breathless glory true.

Isle Of Loneliness


Ron Kaye

There is an island I have seen
In dream and wanderings of the night,
A shimmering isle of blueing sheen
Etched in electra's crackling light;
For all its beauty glowing there
It is an island of despair -
The Isle of loneliness.

Compelling forces round me steal
And trip me gently to the shore,
Where lies a boat in gloom surreal
To beckon those who yearn for more;
It is the ship that leaves each day
Toward the Isle's enfolding bay.
A journey short across the brine,
So swiftly does the shore recede,
The faceless ones around me pine
Hope borne this isle will slake their need,
A gaping yaw, a spillway wide,
A pathway to where dreams reside,

Soft music sweet to lull and lure
Enfolds all those who here do dwell,
The upward winding path leads sure
To countless faceless ones of shell.
I higher climb, and join the throng
And seated, listen to the song,
On the Isle of loneliness.
A distant call so weakly cried
Awakens those who wish to leave,
"Come, all aboard, for the other side,
Do not remain and here bereave".
Oh how the music begs me stay
To blend, as one, with those of clay.

The easy downward path invites
To leave behind all thought of gloom.
Why linger, 'Mid the fears and frights,
My passage waits, there is still room.
Another makes the downward wend,
An outstretched hand says, "Be my friend".


The azure light intensifies
As if to bind us to the shore,
Aboard, we hear each other's sighs,
We will be faceless ones no more.
Of all those ferried to believe
We, were the only ones to leave
The Isle of Loneliness.

Who Did It First


Ron Kaye

With winsome words, themselves men praise,
To life's achievements toast,
Though on reflection we can raise
Is there real cause to boast?

Were we to probe his progress bold,
As he, his praises sing,
A close inspection would behold
It has a hollow ring.

His bold acclaim, his loud appeal,
Accomplishments so grand.
His grand attainments will reveal,
Examine close at hand.

To draw sweet water from the sea
Requires desalination,
The seagull did it first, and he
Without qualification.

Electric eels and catfish show
That electricity,
Long prior to man was seen to glow
Without discovery.

To navigate, man crows with glee,
He kicks up such a rumpus.
But dolphins, butterfly and bee
Can fly with in-built compass.

Millenniums of time gave knell
With forcible expulsion,
The octopus and squid excel,
Perfecting jet propulsion.

We praise man for inventing light,
A monumental feat?
See natures Firefly, glowworm bright,
Create it without heat.

The sonar world agility
In bat's echo location,
Surpasses man's ability
For perfect duplication.

In farming, airflight, submarine,
In antifreeze and clock,
With engine, air conditioning,
It may come as a shock.

Man now can do it just as well
In every land and nation.
His forward motive force impel
Learning from all creation.

Who really did it first we ask,
Reviewing man's intentions.
All creatures in full glory bask
Revealing God's inventions.