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Christy Kaye


Prineville, OR, US

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i'm sixteen soon...


Christy Kaye

my stomach says, "i'm hungry."
my body says, "i'm cold."
i've nowhere to go to,
since i was twelve years old.

i'm sixteen, soon, and pregnant.
alone and on the street.
i know god must be busy,
but, my baby and i must eat.

i don't expect a miracle.
one warm meal must be nice.
too long since i have eaten,
my unborn pays the price.

things happen for a reason.
for my life, i'm not clear.
i pray, each night, for answers.
i hope, each day, He'll hear.

but as each year soon passes,
my chance for life grows dim.
no strength to fight this battle,
my future looks quite grim.

i'm ready to leave this city,
the streets i now call home.
too long without nutrition;
quit breathing, all alone.

i'm gone, and yes, forgotten,
forgotten long ago.
no family, friends, or loved ones.
i won't be missed below.

God now sits beside me,
where i know He'll always be.
i am no longer hungry.
my death has set me free...