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Jennifer Kay


Clearwater, FL, US

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Jennifer Kay

I love and it is only because I love that
We are.
Simple in this simple and free, totally surpassing fear I love
I live
And indeed I will continue too, come what

And come to
See me
For I do love

For a long time I have not wanted to use this word
Or to say it in a language he wouldn't understand in the bed
Or hug my kitty to death_
But we are free
To love

In this out-sourcing spirit I have found to be pink
I send a hopeful joy to those around me
Those products of my existence beauty is them
Beauty is you.
Yes this too
Yes this too

And I love for several different meanings:
For the pain and heartache
For the fear and silence
For the hatred
But mostly for the
Joy of it All____..
Je t'aime mon amour
Je t'aime mon amour

I love you.