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Karaoke Kawasaki


Brooklyn, NY, US

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Karaoke Kawasaki

I want to eat you
but what I want to eat I do not know
behold a self-consumer in his throes
behold a motherfucker with a nose,
a nose, a mouth. About bound below
I want to eat, Save mther Earth! -
to taste of time's rebounding
and never quite surprising paradox
stealing across my money. Sounding
like a Hasidic hold up orthodox
split-domed among vegetables green and lovely
like your breast, the West wing of a building,
of the body building, against over constriction.
And it is lovely. All is lovely and cute
even simpering, flooded springtime sun-holes
shiver covered, and brought to justice's works.
Because truth is one with God, and he is you.
Forgiveness doesn't rhyme any longer. Sweetmeats-
calzone off of toxic waste.