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Was anything there?



Was Anything There?
by Katie Tate
Was anything there?

Was anything there,
When we were together,
and it was so hard not to stare.

When we would be talking,
then we both would go speechless.

We both had our ways,
and they were completely different,
but that didn't stop us.

We both were strong in our priorites,
I would work so hard to make it work,
But sometimes you would pull me in then push me away.

Maybe if i did something different,
Maybe if you did something different,
this might had been a dream i have been dreaming of.

I won't change for anyone not anyone,
neither will you,
and sometimes there were spraks then there was nothing.

But right when i thought i had something,
you pushed me out of the picture.

Maybe I was too forward,
maybe not enough.
I will never know,
but there might be a day when i will realize it was me or you.

Maybe it wasn't me.

Was anything there?

I will never know,
all I know is that i have never felt this way about someone.

When i wished you were mine,
but at the same time,
i wondered could this be wrong?
Would it be akward,
parents, friends?
i wouldnt care.

Just to be in your arms would be the world,
But would you feel the same way?
All this time i thought of you,
are you doing the same?

Was anything there?
or was it me thinking you felt the same way?

Did i open my eyes to see,
or was i seeing what i wanted to see?

I did my part to try to make it work,
it takes two to make a realtionship.
but it also takes two committed and willing,
to make it a specail relationship,
or maybe neither.

Which one will you choose,
or have you chosen?