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Now wasn't the time,
For our love to be seen,
It's toward each other,
That we shall lean.

But some saw,
They found out,
Now many people know,
That we're in love without a doubt.

You say it'll pass,
They soon will say no more,
You are not bothered,
It's us you only care for.

I'm a little worried,
But I won't let it show,
Because I keep my feelings,
Down to a low.

Comments have been made,
Judging goes around,
What we won't do,
Is lower our heads to the ground.

Laugh if they may,
Be rude they just might,
I'll say nothing back,
I won't pick a fight.

Our love will stay strong,
This we'll get through,
I just wish,
That nobody knew.

Nothing will change,
We'll remain the same,
They just have to understand,
Our love isn't a game.