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Theresa Kates


Philidelphia, PA, US

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Theresa Kates

You came to me looking for a way out
You told me you couldn't handle it anymore-
You said "life is going so fast"
You looked helpless

I wanted to hold you
I wanted to look into your eyes and melt the pain
I wanted to put my hand on your heart and tell you life was worth living
I wanted to be there for you

You choose me, and I pushed you away
I was so scared of losing you that I pretended nothing was wrong
I told you you were just having a bad day
And day after day I would sit and listen to the pain
Yet I tried to pretend I didn't care

I found the letter you wrote me, and when you said it wasn't my fault, I
hated you.
When you said you knew I loved you, I wanted to kill you myelf
And when you said you forgave me, I wanted to take you in my arms and
show you how stupid you were
But when you said you were glad it was me you told, all I could do was