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Wet Tears Of Heaven



Listen wet tears of heaven
Flow down softly.
Bring also your drops.
Silently to our eyes.
Do you hear the widower's weep?
Do you hear hungry children weep?
Do you hear the shallow straving people here?
Do you hear the vacant crazy stares?
Do you hear the silent infant's scream?
Do you hear the very old moan?
Do you hear the bellows of the grieviously poor?
Do you hear those flesh of bones dying?
Do you hear them cry?
Mother Theresa has!
Do the church bells chime,
To call the lonely?

Wet tears of heaven;
Do cry only dust.
When the nursing mother's are dry.
None to nurse the dying babes
In their arms, sweet.
When parents have no food
To give their children.
their bellies exist on air & dust.
Do you hear them cry?

In all humanity!
Listen well!
Wet tears of heaven
Bring fruit to the field.
wash the filt of this world away.
Don't let lay desolate in pools of dust, dry.
Listen, wet tears of heaven
When hearts harden & turn to stone cold ice.
Melt them.
Join their hearts together.
Gather the weak, meek & pure;
Make them strong.
Stronger still.
Not fruitless nor stillborn.

Wet tears of heaven
Blow, softly & cool.
refresh all the tired & alone.
Keep them happy.
Does the bride weep with joy.
And her groom, smile with joy.
Wet tears of heaven...
Make them below, behold:
Friendship & keep it sacred.
Gather the doubtfull & hopeless
Keep & give them peace.

Wet tears of heaven
Cry! Do you cry for us,
That we learn to help one another
And share, what little love we have.
Wet tears of heaven
cry & cry; that we all open our hearts,
Towards our fellow being.
It's a hard, hard world.
It can be beautiful...

Wet tears of heaven
Drop your tears & replenish
Regain smiles that are glad
To sigh upwards.
wet tears of heaven
Smiles that help the needy
With much concearn.
Wet tears ofg heaven
Golden harps in angels arms
have you that play
When your wet tears drop &
Sweep in the tender breeze
You touch the earth
With your nourishing love to give.
Let us substain it.
Listen, wet tears of heaven
In chorus you sing
In strong gusting winds.
Yet, softly your drops touch us,
Ever given from heaven.

Listen, wet tears of heaven
In clouds flight
You pass on your delight.
Crash & thunder your disappointment.
Lightening flash some memory;
The light to our dark shadows
To let them escape
>From our own pity.

Wet tears of heaven
Enrich us & moisten our soiled bodies &
Roots in our hearts: Life! Soul!
Listen, wet tears of heaven
You hear us here?
make us humble & steadfast
Winds & tears of heaven
Make us strong_
Yet humble & kind
Wet tears of heaven
Unblind us from cruelity.
Turn to good.

Listen, wet tears of heaven
Think we shall ever learn?
To the lowly, meek & pure.
let us hear also
Wet tears of heaven
Do you hear?