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T Kar


Lexington, KY, US

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Ode To Solitude


T Kar

Heavy artillery fire shattering the silence
The serenity of the moon lit night
Incessant heavy shelling shaking foundations
Rocking feelings, senses
And the spirit that Eric was once
Taught to uphold through the culture
Of his Fatherland when he was young
No time to think of lofty ideas
When life was imperilled by those mortars
It was blitzkrieg and everybody's worst
Nightmare has become real in Dusseldorf

Staying alive behind the enemy lines
The biggest challenge, especially
When she was sitting across the table
Looking at him in despair
His lovely Christina...

The hope to live for the day
Was withering her slowly
The hope that someday all of this would end
Someday they would get married
And stand holding hands
On the banks of the beautiful Rhine
Where their romance all started
The only thing that still exists
In the original form and pattern
All stories fabled down the generations
That will go on if people still exist
On the face of this pulverized earth

Who wanted the war anyway?
Eric, whose passion was woodcarving?
All he wanted was to be in love
A little money to buy Christina
A gift now and then and watch her smile
Let that be a dream come true someday

Thinking about what could happen tomorrow
A time for imagination, a time for reconciliation
Unless alarmed by the sirens as the sorties fly
For Eric the toughest thing to do now is to
Get some food from the old bunker
They tried to sleep through last night
Eric left while Christina cried
With a profound question on her mind
Prayed for his safe return so that
She might hold him again

Eric came back, it's only been a matter of time
Half an hour later to find
His dream shattered in the concrete rubbles
Under which his sweetheart lies deep
Somewhere, in her eternal sleep
Is he falling apart or the whole earth trembling?
Is time standing still?
To live or to die that remained
Only to be answered now and then
Ever before and ever after

So many years have passed
So many books written that decorate
National archives, libraries and the like
So many movies made,
So many awards bestowed
We've built our cathedrals of egos
We've tried to put human tragedies
Into oblivion, tragedies
Once painted on the face
Of this automated earth
And live for ourselves with
The idea that we own this world
Eric's story never got told
He is one of the millions
He is a symbol that
Life still goes on while
His beautiful Rhine flows
As the only witness he knows

He comes here every evening,
The setting sun colors the city skyline
He stands still with his walking stick
Never talking or smiling
He spends those never ending moments
Watching the waves that ripple
Trying to find the reflection
That is changing as the water flows
When staying alive was a surprise
His long lost sweetheart would hug him
Making promises to love him, only him
For every stone she threw into the water

The Rhine reminds him of the time
They first met at a flower show
One summer evening, and
How pretty she looked
The tulip and the smile
Still fresh in his mind
Time heals everything
For those who do not care
For the rest it's a dream
Memories to cherish
The only hope to live for
When lost into the darkness
Of one's own shadows