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Rosalia Kanzaki


Finlayson, MN, US

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Rosalia Kanzaki

The stars have blackened in her skies
She no longer sees his love, affection and embrace
Falling to her knees she cries, and waiting for him
She bleeds.

The darkness drapes around her like a blanket filled with shame
Suffocating away her thoughts and willing her to dream
Of forgotten yesterdays and what awaits her tomorrow
Her tears are muffled with the sound of her own hearts unsteady beat.

Her mind becomes blank and she seems to drift away
Giving up what once made her believe that dreams came true
Slowly, ever so slowly, his perfect image shatters
And falls away.

Numb to the medication now she leans against the wall
Her gaze shifted upward as she watches the sky fall
Around her, broken promises, lies and bleeding hearts
How beautiful a thing if this were all a dream...

Wake Up


Rosalia Kanzaki

Once upon a time I found myself dreaming
Saw your eyes, felt your love, tasted your lips. . .
And opened my eyes.

Hello again, my fantasy man, dwelling within my dreams
Are you going to kiss me tonight? Oh, I feel your touch in my waking hours. . .
But youíre not there with my eyes open.

Why is true love just a dream, why arenít you my reality?
Canít I fall asleep forever, dream eternally in your arms?
I keep waking up. But why?

Would you still love me bleeding on the floor?
Would you know I died for you, would I see you anymore?
Iím too scared to try it.

There are bullets in my drawer, thereís a gun upon the shelf
Will you miss me, my fantasy man, if I donít see you in my dreams?
Or will you fade away?

Thereís something special that keeps the fire burning in my heart
Inside I feel you, hear you whisper sweet, sweet lies
"I love you, my darling, my angel."

Iím afraid to open my eyes this time. . .
"I promise I will never leave you"
I want to stay in your arms forever. . .
"I promise I will always hold you"
Kiss me as if this were the end. . .
"It is the end."
"Wake up."



Rosalia Kanzaki

Smiling with tears in her eyes,
She mourns the loss of the sunrise,
She envies the moon for shining so bright,
And sings the stars to sleep each night.

Long ago she praised the skies,
Embracing the sun and all passing it by,
But now sheís broken, sheís lost and alone,
She forgot all the lessons that she had once known.

A heart so mutilated, now undefined,
She knew that he had crossed the line,
But still she weeps for all that sheís lost,
The beauty of life still comes at a cost.

Suicidal thoughts never once entered her head,
Yet now all she can do is wish herself dead.
Sheís been here before, but she canít quite recall,
What, way back then, had made her stumble and fall.

Still smiling with tears in her eyes,
She mourns the loss of the sunrise,
Envies the moon for shining so bright,
And sings the stars to sleep each night.