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Charles F Kane


Sandnessjøen, Nordland, Norway

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Anywhere but Tomorrow


Charles F Kane

Don’t know where you wanna be
Don’t know if you want to follow
But I just wanna be anywhere
Yeah, Anywhere but tomorrow

Cause today doesn’t seem to end
Bound by time, our eternal sorrow
And times seems to make us bend
I wanna be anywhere but tomorrow

It’s dinner time, But I eat none
I Feel no thirst or hunger now
Just wanna go, Just wanna know
If I can be anywhere but tomorrow

The time moves on, The clock is twelve
A day moves on till its end now
The sun is low, I sit here for myself
And I still want to escape tomorrow

But the night is here, and I know
Yeah I know that I cannot borrow
Any more time to free myself
As I wanna be anywhere but tomorrow