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Burdwan, West Bengal, India

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UntitledAn Elegy Of yesterday, As You Became She To Me



An elegy
For ecstasy
For you
As I call you
Of myself - from
Yours and mine

And or not
From hers and mine
Metamorphosed -
Into frozen guilty
Of losing you
And I call you her
In warmth
Of yesterday’s likeness
Gone, all gone
To fix you on me
As her - just her,
Not deadening her as
Likeness of you -

Yesterday lasted
No more, no less
Decomposing feelings
Like harlequin
Of not laughter - at all
But as sharing and cropping
Mephistopheles’ miniatures
To rob me of you
From being unpardonable
So unpardonable
As she - like a siren
Damages you
Like your swelling bosoms
Sagging leftward
And dying dead westward
To lovesay
A doggerel of yesterday,
Only yesterday

It was - only yesterday
You were you
And you became she to me
And so she became -
An elegy of ecstasy
Only for me

And for you only
It is so yesterday, all yesterday
Exiled in her as you
Of yesterday
To lovesay you and me
You and me_