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Dr Kalpna


Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Unbloomed Love


Dr Kalpna

Since these eyes took rest upon thy eyes
Dreams of summer nights
Never come to them
Because these eyes have not known
The silence of sleeping since then.
That alluring flower remains
Before these eyes every moment.
So how can they loss themselves
In tumult of sleep.
But, only pine for seeing the gentle flower
Before them.
Long nights seems a short span
To these eyes.
Suddenly dim morning light
Strikes me with pang
And that alluring flower hide itself
Into my heart.
So, the first ray of every morning
Is wet with dew drops of these eyes.


Love is not getting something
But giving everything whatever you have.
This vital passion, red rose
Begotten for creating joy in sad hearts.
Throne of that rose are unconcerned
But my matchless silver sphere
And charming soul
Whose odour prevails on the
Calm and dry land of my heart.
From where you adopted the thorns of
Sorrow and suffering alone
And why do you tease yourself?
You didnít care-
That will too tease your imagination
Beyond measures.
Both will be in the abysmal darkness.
I pray, fill yourself with the fragrance
Of red, yellow and white roses
And me too along with you.