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Lori Kaiser


Chicago, IL, US

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Lori Kaiser

Your touch
plays a melody
on my body, this instrument
within my nerves.
You continue your masterpiece,
although I am hurt.
Like a nail being
hammered into a wall,
I feel the pressure
yet through it all, I let your words
cut me open
every syllable, every thought.
This instrument,
this masterpiece in you-
is playing itself out on me,
and I was never meant to be,
for the pleasure and entertainment
of so-called artists
and musicians.



Lori Kaiser

Everyday the simpliest things
have become more and more complex,
My blue eyes have cried
oceans and sad songs
Even reality has turned into make-believe,
like play time in Kindergarden.
The sun no longer shines,
and it rains
I am dead without you.