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Stephanie K


Fairmont, WV, US

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What a Chance!!!


Stephanie K

Once in a life time chance,
whether you turn away or not.
Never get it back,
and never see the chances again.
Take it or leave it,
but never forget it.
It will stay with you forever,
whether it's there or not.
It will last a lifetime,
might break but will still be there.
Maybe in pieces,
maybe whole,
but always there somewhere.....



Stephanie K

Smiles are greetings at chance meetings
Given to those across the street.
Smiles are what we can give freely
Rather than shout over some din.

Smiles acknowledge distant respects
From those with whom we’re not well-known
Whether they aspire to know us
Is a choice that can be delayed?

Smiles are healthy features of us
Given to others in our lives.
Smiles show good nature to others
Which is what we want them to see.

Smiles are things that cost us nothing
Which signify acknowledgment
Of another’s forthright greeting
To you across the avenue

Smiling signifies happiness
To slight acquaintances we see
On ever succinct occasions
Just encountering on the street

Given freely to most others
Smiles are difficult to withhold
From familiar passing strangers
Who allots happiness to all?