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Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

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You are............



You are my sky and not the clouds,
A moment and not the hour,
My tears without the sorrow,
The meaning and not the words.
You are my touch and not my curse,
A passion and not the desire,
The dew not a crushing wave.
You are the path and not the dust,
The waiting and not forgetting,
A ray of hope and not an empty prayer.
You are the children's laughter and not a preacher`s sermon,
The shelter and not just four walls,
You are my eternity and not my End.

Forever Young......



Knowledge I have few Understanding none.

Silence I love it's the memories I can't stand.

A spotless soul in my broken body

is the only link to the Eternity.

Will It ever cease to exist?

Every End has a New Beginning.