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Chad Joslyn


Grand Rapids, MI, US

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Chad Joslyn

Underneath the Sands of Time
Lie pieces of your Shattered Mind
It seems you've Been Here Once before
Now once Again forEvermore
Stench of Death; It clouds Your head
Into a dark Cave you are Led
And here your Master tells you Why
It is now Your time to Die

A piercing Pain burns your Flesh
And when it's gone, There's nothing Left
A burning carcass Sprawled on the Ground
Blood runs like Rivers, but makes No Sound
Your corpse turned to Dust by the Sands of Time
Then put back Together; your Shattered Mind
And for You another Body found
Once again with Life you're Bound

Now when you Return to this Place of Death
When you're put Down for "Eternal Rest"
Hear these Words, Heed the Proclamation
Your soul Will become a part of Reincarnation