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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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apart of my dreams



when i close my eyes it's you i see
i get caught in a dream and visualise your warm breath
but it is also your smile i see
even though i dont know you, and we have just met
my thoughts are incessent, they play in my head
i get lost in an illusion, aching to know what your touch is like
i get a feeling flowing through me, i wonder what would happen if i tried?
how i feel is indiscribable, i need the chance to make something of this
the heat rushes through me, as i let myself consist
a chance for me to feel your skin and lips against mine
quickly you are becoming someone special to me, something is telling me i cant push this aside
i sit and think to myself how to put my feelings into words
i find it inexpressive coz im not even quite sure
i want to be someone to you
acknowlege you are becoming someone special to me
even though it may seem stupid or dumb to believe
but consider what im telling you
coz im hoping our feelings might collide
you are apart of my thoughts through the days and nights
but im hoping that what is apart of my dreams becoems reality
make it fun, it can be what we make it to be

for sam