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Sandy Joseph


Ottawa, ON, CA

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This Man


Sandy Joseph

A man to satisfy your every need,
One to hold in time of comfort
A smart intelligent human being.
To spend the rest of your life with,
Someone to run to when you have nowhere to go,
One with s comforting heart,
And one sensible enough to understand.

A man to challenge in certain tasks,
To see how far you can go
To test your limit of patience, wit or fear,
To feel that you have accomplished something that no one else has.
To be in a certain situation everytime you meet,
To see the outcome or reaction,whether good or bad,
Where in the end you might triumph over this man.

One Woman


Sandy Joseph

A wonderful woman, who carried me to term
To shelter me under her arms until i'm able to walk,
To sleep next to for the warmth of her body was always there,
To be there in my times of failure,
To support me and help me try harder,
To make me strong and be the person i am,
To defend me when no one else would,
To be a guide, an angel and a rock,
To go through what you had to with all five instead of one or two,
A woman like you would always be a pleasure to call mom.

I stayed with and was always by your side,
Through the hurt and pain which came after every fight.
It was the last if i remember, where you were,
When four years had gone by not seeing your face.
If only i came back to see you when i wanted to,
You would still be alive.
I wouldn't be sitting here,writing how i feel right now,
And crying these tears for you,
For you to come back and be my mom again,
So I could talk to you and be happy again.

I miss you more than words could say,
And will never forget your lovely face,
For you will always be in my heart and mind.
A constant reminder is always there twice a year,
But i will never forget you
Because my life is still going on,
Not with you i know, here on earth,
But up there where you can look down and finally see what i look like.

You can stretch your hands out to me and make me feel better,
But i wish to see your face and be happy again.
I know this may not be anytime soon,
But I will be happy when i do,
To see your smiling face look at me,
This is all to you, in words of how i fell right now,
I miss you mummy like never before,
The pain i know won't go away,
No cure can heal the wound,of you being gone,
Although i can't believe put soon i will have to accept it,
But seeing your face i would give the world, just one last time,
But this is all for you right now, So you know i still care,
Even though you're gone and can't be here for me anymore,
So goodbye for now dear mother until next time,
When my heart cries out and i will soon see you again.




Sandy Joseph

Goodbyes are not forever
But my goodbye will be forever
I couldn't make up my mind before
But i've made up my mind for sure
The love i had for was great
But now i know it's a bit too late
Too show you what you mean to me
As good friends for a long time
I hoped to be.

I understand what you said to me
And knew that it wasn't meant to be
To think i let you hold me like this
To comfort me in my times of need
I feel so stupid and betrayed
And that will remain with me for the rest of my days
Good friends we were, i understand
But you took my trust for granted
In so many ways.

I understand the way it was,will be and will stay
Because i can't see you in any other way
But as a good friend who had a chance
To come forth and be honest to your friend at once
Friends we will be for a long time
But to tell you the truth
To be more would be cruel for after this we would be no more.

To be more would be a ring on my finger
For i know that would always be together
But for now i know the friend you are
Goodbyes are not forever
But my goodbye will be forever.



Sandy Joseph

I saw you smiling at me one day,
A smile so bright which made my day.
I wish you would come back,
So i could see it again,
To look at in the morning,each night, everyday.

I see you sometimes,
And wish I could say hello,
But sometimes you're so far away
And I j ust can't say the words,
To tell you i care about you,
And love your smile
Because it puts me to rest peacefully,
When i'm restless at night.

Even though I can't talk to you,
My face says it all,
The bright light which shines
When I know i've found you a place,
Close to my heart, that's where it is
Your smile, your voice and your beautiful face