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Sandy Joseph


Ottawa, CA

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Found My True Love


Sandy Joseph

I think i have already found my true love
But I don't have the strength to approach you,
And tell you the words that you want me to say,
That I love you more than words can say.
So, baby please if you love me like I love you,
Meet me half way and let us begin together a new day.
Baby I will never love another,
Like I love you my baby.
You are always soft and sweet,
And seem to be made for me.
I don't have to speak words for you,
To know what or how I'm feeling inside.
I think we were made for each other

So how about us, to have each other
To love and cherish me and just like,
I would love and cherish you



Sandy Joseph

You're ruining my life
With this crazy talk,
I can't think for myself anymore.
Your mind is small, it needs expanding
But how is that possible?
When there is no space to move around.
Locked up in this room with no where to go,
But to go out and come back in with nothing else to do.

No social life, can't even date
Because i'm restricted,
For fear of my forbidden
And you fear for my saftey,
Because of one's stupid acts

I can't follow you,
Make me understand
But not with your mean words
Just a warm and open heart.
Evrything has changed since I came
And i see the difference,
Which makes sense now,
I'm not one of you
But one of my own.

Just Words


Sandy Joseph

A comforting word which makes someone see
What you're missing out,
Especially with all of life mysteries.
To see someone's face when you get up in the morning,
Or think of when you go to bed at night,
The one you hold on to when you're feeling blue.

But words are not always enough,
To say what you mean
But looking into one's eyes
You might just see everything

To Be or Not To Be


Sandy Joseph

To be or not to be,
That's what's in my mine,
At this present moment
In this time, with no felt existence.
To be doing this anymore
Which only causes pain and suffering,
To those we know and love.

To be a rebel
And throw everything away,
Say it's your fault
That's the reason why you were led astray.

Lot's of love,all around
But you don't know how to give back,
Because it feels so wrong.
It's your fault you know it
Even though told different
You will be reminded of,
That face in the picture.
For if it had not come to this,
My existence would have been no more.



Sandy Joseph

I know I love you
And I know you do too
Whenever I'm with you, I get this feeling and it tells me, this love is true
Baby, In this life I live only for you
I constatly think about that day,
The day all my dreams came true.
I see myself standing there, holding you, gazing into your loving eyes as you say, "I do"
When I think of my love for you the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away
When I think of my love for you I realize,
I now know the true meaning of love.
I will love you as long as this life endures and beyond For you are my dreams, my realities.
You are my heart, you are my meaning of true love