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The Bird of Death



Why do you swing your wings at me?
Are you the Satanís imitation?
Black feathers, charcoal eyes, the voice of death
What brings you to my window?
Come speak with me
I shall know what is your poison

Congratulations greedy fellow!
You have succeeded with your plot
The joke has worked
My heart has not yet trembled of such fear
You can proceed with haunting your next prey
I will behave, obey, and lead a merry life
What say you? It is not joke you play?
But Iím not prepared nor I belong
Nor have I desire to join you
There must be something I can do
To stop this awful mistake?
Teach me, I am your slave
I shall sell my soul to you
And be a server to your master
It is a deal done
Give me a life and we yet to meet again