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Cristal Jordan


Jackson, MS, US

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To Whom Ever May Care


Cristal Jordan

Imagine, if you could, this,
Eyes as black as the abyss,
As beautiful as a morning mist,
All taken away by her father's fist.

Through childhood, she fights to stay alive,
But it's hard to do when you're concidered cross-eyed,
She fights back the tears and bottles her pride,
Over the years she holds it all inside.

Barely old enough to ride a bike,
This ol' pervert saw something he might like,
Never knowing what was right,
All of her innocence gone - in one night.

Worst thing is, her life has just begun,
She became a mother way too young,
In his own way, GOD had blessed her with a beautiful son.

When he was only four,
She was told she couldn't be his mother no more,
Just like his little sister right before,
So yet another piece of her heart was tore.

Through all these troubled years,
She had help fighting back the tears,
A true friend, so kind - so dear,
Losing him was her worst fear.

Yet DEATH follows this woman around,
Putting everyone she loved six feet in the ground,
To a life of heartache she was bound.

This woman is headed to Haites,
She's allowing these people to kill her baby,
After the nightmares, she awakes to pray,
"LORD, please don't hate me!"

Wondering where life will take her,
Or when she'll meet her maker,

Maybe she'll become an angel someday,
But only after she gets to watch her great-grandchildren
And if it be the Lord's way.

These are only my thoughts lay bare,

We Stopped Calling You Dad


Cristal Jordan

You left when I was only two.
There was nothing I could say,
Nothing I could do.
You left in a hurry,
Without a doubt or a worry.
You left us in alot of pain,
So don't even say you're not the one to blame,
For our troubles, our heartaches,
And our broken dreams.
To me, this is how it all seems,
I didn't have a chance to know you.
But there was nothing I could say or do,
Now you're gone!
At first we were alone,
But we made it through the good times and bad.
so it's really not that sad.
Look at us now,
Do you want to know why, do you want to know how?
We worked together,
Through good days and those with bad weather.
So don't worry about us,
We are no longer sad,
Cause when you left,
We stopped calling you Dad