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Rachel Jordan


Hillsboro, MO, US

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If you love me...


Rachel Jordan

If you love me, stop
Don't make me follow through
Give me a choice
As to what I want to do.
If you love me, stop
Wait to hear my soul's complaint
Let me tell you stories of past
Let me, a picture, of the future paint.
If you love me, stop
Share your joyful life with me
Tell me all the things you want
Tell me what you want to be.
If you love me, stop
Give me a chance to speak
Let me share my secrets with you
One day I will be too weak.
But, if you don't love me, go
Just leave right now I pray
I love you too much to see you here
Please just go away.
If you don't love me, go
Don't bother to say goodbye
I don't want to hear you explain
I don't want to hear another lie.
If you don't love me, go
Get out of my life for good
It isn't worth living without you
But it'll be the best that it should.
If you don't love me, go
Dont'ask me to think of you
For I won't if I can help it
I'll start my life anew.
If you don't love me, go
I won't try to understand
I have a broked heart to mend
That I must do with my own two hands.
But, if there's a chance
You might love me so
Tell me before it's too late.
I can't stand another day not knowing,
If you love me...please tell me you'll wait.